The amulet is a seemingly simple white stone hanging on a silver chain.  There is no writing on this rough cut, oval stone, though it seems to be enchanted with a spirit trap.  Stoshoney was a holy healer who worked as a combat medic for Myork.

The amulet is only attracted to people of honor and high moral character, at least in the amulet’s estimation.  For those it likes, the amulet will offer protection, but only when it feels the wearer is in the gravest danger.  When severe danger is apparent, the amulet can grant any or all of the following protections:  glowing white armor (75@5 with an AR=0, will replace any armor worn), glowing white weapon (long sword, mace or trident, diamond hard, animated speed +30, simple sharpness where appropriate), and/or glowing white helmet (18 points of invulnerability per turn with a halo effect).  The stone has only offered it protections twice in a day.  It is believed that it could do more, but chooses not to.  The stone must be aware of the danger to protect against it.  Distant sniper fire and invisible enemies have killed wearers of the amulet.