Perhaps the deadliest battle of the Cold War was fought at Camebas Pass.  There, the barbarian and dwarven troops raced through the pass hoping to press a surprise attack against the Rhorics.  The Sonbist Army was not only ready, but had positions dug into the sides of the pass.  The charging armies were unable to slow down because of the pressing troops behind them and received extremely heavy casualties in the opening minutes.  Quickly, the barbarians routed and dwarves retreated with them.

The Snobist Army gave chase and joined the battle again the next day.  A group of several dozen dwarves and some barbarians had managed to hide in the hills near the pass and slipped through when the Rhorics followed the fleeing armies.  These troops managed to raid the villages surrounding Snobist heavily and made off with a number of wagons filled with food.