Brinston is located at the delta of the Elhebar River (Elhebenea in Elven) into the Barrier Ocean.  As such, Brinston controls both the river trade and most of the sea trade along the entire coast.  Brinston is an old city.  Since its founding the river has been repeatedly dredged, allowing for the city to harbor its massive navy safely among the delta’s islands.  The merchant trade is handled out of “Port of Brinston” a small community 12 miles south of the actual city.

Brinston is ruled by a Prince-Governor chosen from one of the noble families.  While the noble families practice a variety of elitist activities, these families remain in full control of the largest merchant houses and wineries in the region.

The majority of the people of Brinston are Marils, but as with any cosmopolitan community, foreigners of all types can be found in the city.  Despite the strong alliance between Brinston and her northern elven neighbors, there are only small elven communities within the city walls.

Naval Harbor of Brinston

Port of Brinston