The Cynneex Alliance is one of the largest groups of Yugsalantis (if not the largest).  They are formed of five major families and several smaller ones.  They were originally formed to drive the orcs from Parnania and return it to human (Yugsalanti) control, by force if necessary.  They were active and in open rebellion, having declared war on the orcs of Parnania.  However, on Trintia 19, 653, 125 orcish soldiers who had been assigned peace keeping duties marched out of the city destined to return to the Gold Mountains.  Though it took some time for the remaining orcish troops to leave, they did leave.  The city of Parnania was free of its orcish overlords without a battle.

With control of Parnania now in play, the Cynneex Alliance is moving itself into position, typically through political alliances with the neighboring states including several members of the Council of Baronies and other smaller states.  They were not expecting the orcs to simply leave and have lost the advantage they hoped to have being seen as the liberating force.

The Cynneex Alliance is ruled by a “board of governors”.  There are eight governors, three of which are from the Bennisechktma family.  Rough estimates give them about 1,000 fighting men with a handful of mages and fortune tellers for support.  But, of these 1,000, few are professional soldiers.  Most are raiders or thugs.