Drentae is also known as the Man Continent, not because it is the origin place of Men, but because early map makers characterized its shape into that of a kneeling man. Drentae is approximately 2,000 miles north to south making it the longest of the continents. It also holds the most diverse cultures, having Trolls, Fairie, Men, and Goblins.

Drentae Wroot half


Ankhorg Forest

Boundless Jungle
Broiling Mountains
Central Plains - North
Central Plains - South
Dismal Swamp
Eastern Plains
Elhebenea Delta
Elhebenea Basin
Fhearree Delta
Glacier Bay
Gold Mountains
Green Lands
Hill Country
Horn of Semphesteus
Ice Cap Mountains
Kajumanpekc Mountains
Latvich Badlands
Rhoric Lowlands
Rhoric Plains - North
Rhoric Plains - South

Sambrek Island
Slyvanian Forest
Sousseze Savanna
South Pot Mountains
Southern Plains
Swamps of Garnock
Tantonian Tundra

Tunnel World
Valley of the Simmali