Eastern Plains
Continent: Drentae (East)
Terrain: Plains/Coastline
Major City: Villai

The Eastern Plains are a region of rolling hills, grasslands and plains.  They are bordered by the Anglic Straits on the east and the Central Plains on the west.

There are no large governments in the region.  Instead the area is a scattering of centaur warlords, small human kingdoms/baronies, and other odd countries.  Villai is the largest city in the region and represents the strongest races:  centaurs, humans and halflings.  

This is a major agricultural area with some wool bearing animals as well.  In many ways it is simply a continuation of its neighbors.  Its agricultural industry is generally a continuation of its neighbor to the south the Greenlands.  Its culture is a continuation of the Velesan culture that dominates its western neighbor the Central Plains.

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