Elhebenea River Delta
Continent: Drentae (West)
Terrain: Mixed Temperate
Major City: Brinston

With the Elhebenea River curving deep into the continent of Drentae, the river's delta is the site of one of the largest cities on the world. The city of Brinston and its nobles control this region, and thrive in the rich farm land and mild climate. Trade is rampant, and it is rumored that all wealth has its origin in Brinston.

This region of the world is as cosmopolitan as the city of Brinston.  North of the river are some open hilly grasslands filled with farms and vineyards.  These fields range until they end at the Slyvanian Forest.  South of the river there are some swampier areas, especially where the offshoots from the Elhebenea run further south before emptying into the Barrier Ocean.  These areas are in many ways a continuation of the marshes of the Elhebenea Basin.  These wetlands end as the terrain again becomes hillier and runs into the foothills of the South Pot Mountains.

Note - Elhebenea is the elven spelling and pronunciation.  The more common human spelling is simply Elhebar.

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