Kajumanpekc Mountains
Continent: Drentae (NW)
Terrain: Hills
Major City: Rock Cove

West of the Rhoric Plains, on the southern borders of the Tantonian Tundra, lies the Rocchairian Nation. Boxed in against granite cliffs, the dwarven nation clings to the land. In this region, mountains fall directly to the sea, and the hills rise rough against the sky. The ocean's cutting winds and the northern climate demand the residents be a hearty lot.

The Kajumanpekc Mountains have been the site of gold, silver, iron, platinum, and lead mines.  Also found here, mainly in the southern arm of the range, are the rare metals used in crafting the alloy known as dwarven steel.  Each separate strike is typically of an extended nature, producing a mine that takes many years to empty.  Coal is plentiful in the hills east of Rock Cove.  The gems diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, aquamarine, turquoise and chrystalist are also found.  Treasure hunters be warned; units of the Rocchairian military guard all successful metal and gem mines.