Koaluckssie is the so-called “Monster Continent”. Located west of Drentae and east of the Great Archipelago, Koaluckssie is the most difficult continent to inhabit. It is a complex collection of mountain ranges separating deserts and broken lands. In the case of the Yullipi Mountains, a desert lies on one side of the range while a dense jungle lies on the other. While life does exist, survival is so difficult that culture and civilization are simply not possible.

The landscape is dominated by the mountain ranges, including two running relatively parallel north and south and two more running generally parallel running west to east.  This forms a central “square” as well as isolating the coastal regions from the center and each other.

There are many theories on the diverse creatures inhabiting Koaluckssie, many of them revolve around the legendary Tower of Soot.  While the legends say the dragons moved the chaos causing Tower of Soot to Koaluckssie, even the legends admit that the various beast-man races (centaurs, satyrs, minotaurs, etc.) were there before the Tower of Soot.  While the Tower may have had some impact on the fauna and peoples, it cannot be the entire cause of the varied creatures found there.

If any race had an accurate map of Koaluckssie it would be the Sulnuun (black) dragons. Assuming they had such a thing, it would be taboo to them.  The black dragons have outlawed sea travel. This makes maps seemingly impossible to obtain.

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