Parnania is the largest city in the Central Plains, but has been plagued with problems since its founding.  It was conquered by Garnock in 626P as part of the Conquering War.  The Latvich troops never enjoyed being posted in Parnania so in 634P, the orcs (mainly the Vile Ones tribe) took sole authority of the city-state.  But starting in 653P, the orcish troops in Parnania were recalled to the Gold Mountains, leaving Parnania all but undefended by the insufficient human troops.

So after a generation of being a conquered state, Parnania is now trying to re-establish itself as a power in the region.  In many ways, the city-state is trying to determine its identity.  This comes from the fact that the native Velesans may be the majority of the population, but both orcish and Yugsalanti groups have become powerful during the occupation.  Further complicating things is that the last Velesan Prince Governor was seen as incompetent and a coward, further reducing any previous claims to the throne.