Although at one time it is believed that the Elhebenea River was able to accommodate ocean going vessels, at least to Lighthouse Island, this is no longer the case, no matter how many times they try to dredge the delta.  With the massive merchant ships that Brinston depends on unable to “pull up to” the city itself, they instead dock at Port of Brinston, some 12 miles south of the true city.

For this reason, Port of Brinston is often called the Merchants’ Harbor, since some sea faring naval vessels will still come in towards the delta.  The deep keeled merchant ships will come up to the docks, most often guided by a pilot to avoid certain man-made breakers under the water, though these are fairly well marked by buoys anchored to them.  Port of Brinston has always been the trade port, as at one time it was considered the safest way to keep foreign ships out of the city of Brinston, though more likely to keep them out, until they had properly paid their tariffs.

Because of the importance of trade to the city and the noble houses, many merchants have offices both in Brinston and in the port.  The road leading north out of Port of Brinston heads directly to the city.  The road is roughly 12 miles long and ends at bridge leading over the river and directly to the Drover’s Gate.

Just south of the Port is the estuary of Ether’s Channel.  Long ago, this minor river was extended to the east by the Port Brinston Canal.  Because of this major canal project, barges of river goods can come directly to Port of Brinston without having to attempt to move past the city or attempt any portion of the sea travel.