Above the granite cliffs of Rock Cove stands the city of the same name.  The capital of the Rocchairian Nation, Rock Cove contains the Council of Clanmasters and many of the nation’s military units.  Despite the fresh sea air, the city has a dirty, smoky atmosphere due to the numerous smelting operations going on within it.

The official name of the government is Zumakekyuba, though nearly everyone calls it something else, most commonly the Rocchairian Government, Rock Cove, or the Council of Clanmasters.  Technically, Rocchairian is the name of the culture, not the government.  Zumakekyuba could also be seen as the name of the dwarven parliament or Council of Clanmasters.

In many ways there are two cities of Rock Cove.  The first is the one seen atop of the cliffs overlooking the sea with well laid concrete roads.  This is the Rock Cove of the Rinnear or white dwarves.  But beneath this city is another, an underground dwelling built within natural caves and mining shafts with tunnels leading off underground to other cities, including some beneath the floor of the ocean.  This is the Rock Cove of the Dolindor or black dwarves.

The Rinnear and Dolindor are of the same “race” in that they are both dwarves.  The white dwarves more closely resemble Earth’s Europeans or Caucasians, while the black dwarves more closely resemble Earth’s Africans.  Other than this difference in skin color and some differences in culture, they are the same peoples.