Continent: Drentae (NW Central)
Terrain: Hills
Major City: N/A

The Townships are a mishmash of communities randomly located within the hilly terrain. All manner of cultures and governments can be found here, as can industries as broad as farming, ranching and mining. Dwarves and humans make up the largest percentages of the populations, but there are high concentrations of ogres and hearrsmon as well. Known for town ruling warlords, often at odds with each other, the civilians still manage to work and survive in this chaotic region.

The Townships came about after the dwarven civil war.  As the noble clans weakened, the ogres of the region began to reclaim territory that had formerly been too dangerous for them to venture into.  But while they were able to move westward into additional space, there were some dwarven communities that were able to hold out, maintaining their lands even when surrounded by ogre tribes.  These hold outs were most commonly the mining communities where they could rely on a relatively small amount of land to provide a living for a larger amount of people.  Farming communities were almost all overrun.

When there is money to be made and relatively little risk, the “warlords” come out.  At first these were primarily ousted dwarven noble clans looking to establish themselves after the communists had taken their lands.  It did not take too long before the hearrsmon heard there were lands “looking for rulers”, and they came as well.  Add in the ogre tribes who have not been able to maintain peace amongst themselves in the past millennia, and you have a large number of townships ruled by minority populations and changing hands on a regular basis.