Continent: Drentae (West)
Terrain: Grasslands
Major City: N/A

Tristemais is an odd region. Wedged between the sea and the Slyvanian Forest, Tristemais is a lush grassland inhabited primarily by elves and satyrs. Though clearly “elven” in culture, it is very different than the elven culture of the forest, simply because of the geography. Though very sparsely populated, it is in many ways the breadbasket to the elven nation.

Three towns dominate the Tristemais region.  Each is about 10,000 people, mainly satyrs and elves.  Each town is a port town:

Voumies (vo MEES) - the northernmost town is 18.6 miles SW of Commerce City

The middle town is Muddlesuex which roughly translates to the "town in the middle"

The southern most town is Veingblea (VEEng blay) which roughly translates to "vineyard of wheat"