The Moseequas are the original Yugsalantis.  They were Dethebs who came to Drentae seeking to avoid the religious persecution they were experiencing in their homeland.  Physically, they are identical to the Dethebs, but they follow a different pantheon than is considered acceptable in their homeland.  “Moseequa mysticism” is the root of their fortune telling and magic.  True Moseequas see their magic as religion, while the Yugsalantis see it as tradition.

Oddly enough, the Moseequas are currently in a religious war over whether one of their most powerful divinities is named “Maive Highulle Strimshi Nuevtul” or “Maivehighullestrimshinuevtul”.  For a culture that fled religious persecution, they then created it within their own.

The Yugsalantis are then Moseequas who have blended into the more common cultures of Drentae, especially the Velesan and Latvich cultures.  They retain many of the Moseequa techniques and are the best known fortune tellers on the continent.  They are also mainly nomadic.  While they blame their nomadic ways for their bad reputation, the fact that there are numerous con men and fraudsters amongst the Yugsalantis is more likely the issue.  That is not to say that every Yugsalanti family is filled with crooks, but too many are.

One of the largest alliances of Yugsalanti families is the Cynneex Alliance